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An Essential Line of Defense

Your Immune system or Immunity is the most essential line defense of your body, stronger the immunity better it can protect your body against infectious diseases. Often, enrichment of your immunity is neglected until a serious illness hits you hard. Currently, the world is facing a serious pandemic situation due to the Novel Corona Virus causing COVID-19. In this situation almost all the health authorities of the world are advising the countrymen to boost their immune system. So, now since we all are aware about the importance of immunity, we start a rigorous search for the immunity boosting techniques. The web provides tones of information about immunity, enhancing immunity, foods to boost immune system, immunity booster diet plans, vitamin supplements and so on. However, these sources of information miss on the basic layout of an individual’s immune system which may lack only a few crucial elements. Hence, fixing these few elements can tremendously enrich and boost immune system of an individual. The elements of the immune system need to be tested/checked to identify the lacking components and boost them specifically using foods and other immunity enriching supplements. Therefore, getting your immunity checkup is the first and foremost requirement in the path of boosting your immunity.

Immunity Booster for COVID 19

Fundamentally, there is no medicine or supplement that can be prescribed as an immunity booster for COVID 19 specifically, also there are no specific foods to boost immune system for COVID 19. But, developing your overall immune system stronger by managing missing elements in particular is the best immune booster for COVID 19. In short, making your immunity strong with all the components and elements in perfect quantities in your body is a complete immunity booster package against Novel Corona causing COVID 19.

Do not fear COVID 19, but do not be overconfident and take it at easy; considering you have the strongest immunity and put yourself in trouble down the line. It is always recommended to get your immune system status tested in such situations.

Evaluate your Immunity with “Extended Immunity Profile

The immunity test will provide you the levels/quantities of all the essential immune components in your body. This test result will help you to understand and modify your diet according to the requirements. There is again tons of information available online about with foods that improve specific lacking elements of the body essential to the immune system.

Immunoglobulin M (IgM), Immunoglobulin G (IgG), Immunoglobulin A (IgA) are the three main components of your immunity that tackle with the infectious diseases and protect your body continuously. In addition, organ health, hormones, vitamins, some metals like Iron, Zinc, Copper play crucial role in enhance the action of immunoglobulins. Hence, to identify all these various components we present an Extended Immunity Profile. This immunity test package is a complete blueprint of your immunity status.  Extended Immunity Profile measures of 108 tests parameters which are tested to provide you maximum in-depth information regarding your immunity. You can perfectly evaluate your immunity and make necessary food alteration best suited to boost your immunity against COVID 19 and other infectious diseases. Spending some extra money for testing your immunity is worth during this COVID 19 pandemic situation or even other wise; is worth to stay healthy and strong with a solid Immune System for Defense.

Separate testing profiles for Immunoglobulins IgM, IgG and IgA individually is also available as required by some immunity recovery boosting individuals.

You do not have to leave your house to get your immunity tested. If you book now, our expert staff will collect your blood sample from your home and your results will reach you with in 48hrs. that is what we call “Healthcare@your.doorstep”.

In addition, to the immunity checkup, we also provide a range of best full body health checkup package at a very competitive prices with “Healthcare@your.doorstep” service.

Bookings also available from our standard Preventive Health Checkup Booking Platform.

Stay Safe and Boost Your Immunity for COVID 19

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